Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Jaden

4 years of Life...God has blessed us beyond measure...thinking back to this very day 4 years ago, tears flood my face, especially this picture of Jaden, so brand new...little did we know God's plan for our lives, at this very moment in time...I want to share something so dear to our hearts...A man from our Church wrote a poem about Jaden, days after his birth...He said it came to him during the middle of the night, he had to get up out of bed, fall on his face before the Lord and cry out these words, that are now typed out and etched inside our hearts...
so brand new...scar free

A blissful announcement, delightful, a bundle of joy,
The Lord has blessed us with a “baby boy”.
Jaden Kyler McBride, our hearts could not measure,
Such a priceless gift, a beautiful treasure.

How fleeting the happiness, for then came the news –
His little hands, tiny lips, and his toes turning blue!
There was worry, concern, doctors and nurses in haste,
He must go to Louisville - there’s no time to waste.

With great sadness and sorrow we traveled to KOSAIR,
Not suspecting the ordeal or what awaited us there.
This needful place, sanctuary, and haven for the ill –
Lord, please keep Jaden in the midst of thy will.

A turmoil of meetings, surgeries, and tests –
Yet Lord we never doubted – that thou knowest best.
There were ups, downs, setbacks --- doubts more than thrice,
And fear and trepidation gripped our hearts like a vice
But we overcame by prayers of family, friends, and the presence of Christ.

And then boundless glory! as in the Psalms we espied –
How thou keepest and saveth all the tears that we’ve cried.
What praise and adoration from our hearts did ascend,
For such care and compassion we cannot comprehend.

Now as we ponder this child, we can see only love –
And admit, he is borrowed – from thee up above.
And thru the haze of our anguish, it’s now plain to see –
Thou lovest Jaden, even more than we.

As time continues and the Lord tarries return,
We promise Jaden to you – Lord, of Thee he will learn.
We will teach him that he suffered the trials of Hell –
And how God blessed us --- and he lived to tell.

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4th Birthday

We celebrated Jaden's 4th Birthday Thursday Night at his Favorite Place, Mr. Gatti's...It was a Great-Big-Super-Dee-Duper Barney Birthday Bash...Barney was our Guest of Honor...more Barney Birthday Pictures coming soon...

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