Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Eye Surgery and 2Round of Botox Injections with Casts

Just handed our sweet boy over to our Surgery Team...you would think after 18 times of doing this, it would seem easy...well the answer to that is no...the thought of me not being able to be with him and all the unknown fears...the knots are deep down inside my heart, even still, after all the times we have been here at this place...but, i'm re-reminded that I'm so thankful that I do know Someone who is holding Jaden when mommy can't...and to think that He loves him even more than I...that's what helps ease up those knots I feel within my heart...thanks for not just thinking of us yesterday, lastnight, and today but for those of you who truly prayed for us...means more than you will ever know...we will update when he is in recovery...

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